National Intrepid Center of Excellence - custom Continuity Management Tool (prototype) - Microsoft tools

MAXjet Airways - custom Revenue system - Oracle tools

Prince George's County Public Schools

- extended reporting capabilities of ERP - Oracle tools
- integrated ERP with multiple systems - Oracle tools
- several custom sub-systems - Oracle tools

Optiglobe Communications - extended reporting capabilities of ERP - Oracle tools

Environmental Protection Agency - extended reporting capabilities of ERP - PeopleSoft tools

....and many more satisfied clients!


Sage consultants have accumulated thousands of hours of experience working with and extending the capabilities of ERP, MRP, and CRM applications and building custom stand alone Web and Windows Applications.

Enterprise applications provide an extremely broad range of capabilities to a  large user base. However, most implementations require additional specialized functionality that does not come “out-of-the-box”.  Sage specializes in designing and implementing extensions to enhance reporting, provide system integration, import converted data, and extend the functionality of the enterprise application.

In addition, Sage designs and builds custom Web and Windows applications using the latest application development software and database development tools.  Our services cover a range of technical environments, including the Oracle suite, Microsoft-Intel platforms and Open Source.  This flexibility allows Sage to either work within an existing client technical environment, or recommend one that matches the client's goals, capabilities and constraints.

We are experienced with many Web and Windows application development toolkits, database application development tools, programming languages, scripting languages, web application design tools, and most other tools and utilities that have been used over the past twenty-five years.

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